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How to join a Twitter hour for networking:

1. Sign up for a Twitter account at
2. Sign into your account whenever the Twitter hour is on – Tuesdays at 2pm is a good time 😉
3. Send tweets and use a hashtag # followed by the subject that you want to draw attention to (without any spaces) eg #UKFoodHour.
4. Open a page to send tweets and a page for notifications
5. Search for the hashtag #UKFoodHour in the search area
6. Select the “latest” tab at the top of the screen and a list of the tweets which have the hashtag #UKFoodHour will appear in reverse order (newest first).
7. Read and engage with the other people on the virtual networking hour, by following, retweeting and liking their tweets. Be polite and courteous, your tweets will be representing you and your business.
8. Post some of your own tweets and start conversations with interesting people. Be at your device during the hour, so that you can have the conversations.
9. If you are new to #UKFoodHour Send a message to @UKFoodHour and we will make sure that you are Retweeted and engage with you.
10. If it is a new networking opportunity for you, sign in when #UKFoodHour is on (Tuesdays 2-3pm) and observe if that helps. You can call up the #UKFoodHour tweets at any time, they are always there.